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Our executive leadership team is comprised of intelligent, talented, and passionate individuals that offer our clients the best solutions for their needs. Their high level relationships allow them to reach broader markets and have allowed them to gain a firm understanding of branding, sales, and marketing.

Jerry Berberian

President, CEO

Jerry founded Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 1976. Prior to starting Berberian & Associates, Inc. Jerry graduated from Bentley University. Upon graduation, Jerry joined BASF and eventually became Director of Sales for three divisions of BASF. Jerry also completed many Professional Selling Skills & Management Courses and earned the CPMR Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative award from Indiana University. Jerry has also supported go-to-market brand launches in the United States for many consumer Packaged Goods companies during his longevity in the business and has strong understanding of the “go to market solutions” needed in today’s ever changing market. Jerry leads the team with solutions, policies and plans working with all the associates, offices, vendors and customers.

Mark Berberian

Vice President, General Manager

Mark joined Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 1988. He received his Bachelor of Marketing from New Hampshire College. In addition, Mark received his M.B.A. from Suffolk University, completed the Dale Carnegie Sales Course and received his Certified Professional Manufactures Representative Certificate from Indiana University. Mark has 25+ years of selling experience for Berberian & Associates, Inc. Mark has expertise and knowledge of the retail, .com and B2B sectors of the retail markets. Mark understands the go-to-market strategies, retail shelf cut-in placement, vendor program negotiations and high level relationships with Staples retail, Staples.com, Staples B2B, CVS, BJ’s Wholesale and Marmaxx Group.

Greg Figurido

Vice President, Marketing Sales

Prior to Berberian & Associates, Inc. Greg was the Vice President and General Merchandise Manager with Rich’s Department Stores. He completed his courses at Salem State College. Greg joined Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 1997 and moved to the Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Berberian & Associates in 2001. Greg has sales expertise, relationships and understanding of how to be successful selling to all sectors of the market (retail, .com and B2B). He has high level relationships with Staples retail, Staples.com, Staples B2B, BJ’s Wholesale, the Marmaxx Group and other accounts. Greg also understands how to cut-into competitive categories, build a brand and maintain your market share. Additionally Greg consults with our sales team and oversees our Northwest Territory.

Robert Berberian

Vice President, Business Development

Robert joined Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 2002. He received his Bachelor of Science in the field of Computer Information Systems from Bentley University.

Robert has sales management responsibilities, leads all business development projects, legal contracts and manages the overall sales goals and plans of our company. He supports the team on new projects along with the plans and goals for each project to succeed. In addition to, Robert has expertise as a salesperson for Berberian & Associates, Inc. at Staples retail, Staples.com, Staples B2B, Marmaxx Group, BJ’s Wholesale Club, CVS, Wal*Mart and Sam’s. Robert works closely with all of our offices in New England, Florida and the Northwest Territory.

Brian Cressinger

Sales Manager, New England

Brian joined Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 2001.  Prior to Berberian & Associates, Inc., Brian completed an Internship at Winners Advertising and received his Bachelor of Science in the field of Business Administration from Nichols College.

If the project is for a brand leader or a new start up, Brian has strong relationships and experience in the retail brick and mortar, .com and B2B markets to be successful.  Brian has proven to be a very strong asset to Berberian & Associates, Inc. with his relationships with Staples retail, Staples.com, Staples B2B, CVS, BJ’s Wholesale Club, PC Connection, WB Mason, Ocean State Jobbers, Marmaxx Group and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Carolyn Berberian

Assistant Vice President

Carolyn joined Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 2007.  Prior to Berberian & Associates, Inc. Carolyn completed an internship at Arnold Worldwide, Mullen Advertising and Stride Rite. She received her Bachelor of Science in the field of Marketing, minor in Information Technology from Bentley University.  Currently, Carolyn is a candidate for her Master of Liberal Arts, Extension Studies, in Management and Finance from Harvard University.

Carolyn works closely with the entire sales team in addition to working with the Manager of Financial Services.

Mike Novak

Sales Manager, Florida

Prior to Berberian & Associates, Inc. Mike was an account executive, senior sales representative and marketing manager at Panasonic.  Mike was also a buyer at Burdines Department Stores.  He received his Bachelor of Science from Miami University. Mike has successfully been managing the South Florida region for over 20 years and he understands the challenges and requirements to successfully sell Brandsmart, Office Depot Max retail, Office Depot Max.com, Office Depot Max B2B and Tiger Direct.  Mikes relationships are at the very highest levels with his customers and know how allows for success with all his projects.

Christine Barnes

Manager of Financial Services

Christine joined Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 1978.  Prior to Berberian & Associates, Inc., Christine was with Arthur D. Little for 6 years and 4 years with Carlton & Johnson CPA. She completed her accounting at Merrimack College. Christine is the manager of all financial services, payroll, insurance, office IT, credit and overall revenue and expenses at Berberian & Associates.  Christine supports the team on any day to day projects that keep the company running smooth. Christine has been involved with Berberian & Associates, Inc. since its inception and is an important asset to our company. Our goal is to know exactly where we are everyday with our systems.

Leslie Fox

Manager of Customer Service

Leslie joined Berberian & Associates, Inc. in 1989. Prior to Berberian & Associates, Inc. she worked at Malden Mills, Inc. Leslie has extensive customer service experience.

Leslie understands the IT systems internally along with our vendors and customers to include:  EDI, Routing Guides, Customer Portal Management, order and shipment management, and customer service.  Once the order is received, everything is in good hands with Leslie.

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