Outselling the Competition

Gaining retail market insight to out sell the competition

The Challenge

An existing consumer electronics client needed to gain retail market insight and intelligence as to why and how the competition was outperforming and how we can recapture our market share.

Our Approach


Used relationships to understand market share decline

Improved Product Specifications

Worked with clients' R&D team to improve product specs

Brand Image

Worked with marketing team to improve brand image

In order to accurately identify the cause of the market share decline, we used our relationships and understanding of our customers to identify the problems and work with our client to turn the business around.

We worked closely with our clients R&D team to improve product specifications (to exceed the competition), worked with our clients marketing team to improve on brand image and executed a promotional schedule with our customers.

Graphs on a desk

The Result

Recaptured market share & out sold the competition

In a short amount of time our clients products recaptured market share, out sold the competition and in some cases gained shelf space at the expense of the competitors. Market share continues to grow and competition continues to fall.



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Outselling the Competition

Gaining market insight to out sell competition

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